My New (Winning) Make-up Combination

Hey Jen, have you found a make-up combination that hydrates, feels light, looks natural, that is available at a moderate price and makes you want to put your face on every day?

Why yes I have. Finally.

After years of trying a variety of brands and formulas at a wide-range of prices – everything from NARS, Chanel, MAC, all the way “down” to drugstore brands like Covergirl, Neutrogena, and Maybelline. It took years of riding hormone rollercoaster with lots of hits and misses along the way, as well as lots of money down the drain, to keep up with my changing skin.

Now that the dust has settled – having gone through menopause six years ago – my skin has stabilized. And it’s different. Much more dry, pores are larger, and of course wrinkles and fine lines created through a life well lived. I needed to find something different, because my current regime was no longer working its magic.

And the answer was always right by my side: my then teen-aged daughter (I tell you what, through all that sass, our kids can be a wealth of information).

We were in Target in the cosmetic aisles and she said, “Hey Jen (yes, she calls me “Jen”), you need to try this.” It was Pixi by Petra Glow Mist and at $15, I thought it was worth a try. So I bought it.

I used it the next morning, along with my regular sunscreen and foundation. It gave my face the dewiest glow. My sunscreen, which doubles as my moisturizer, slide right over it. However, my foundation didn’t cover as well – it was a little too heavy. So I trucked over to Target the next day and got the Pixi by Petra Skin Tint, and Voila! I found the winning combination: natural-looking, hydrated skin.

These new products incorporated with a few other favs, gives me the look I’m going for. Here’s the full regime:

Facewash: Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It Two-Minute T-Zone Detox Scrub $10.99

Makes my face feel as soft as a baby’s bottom.

Mist: Pixi by Petra Glow Mist $15

My skin literally drinks it up.

Moisturizer: La Roche-Posay Anthelios La Roche-Posay Anthelios Anthelios Ultra Light Mineral Face Sunscreen Fluid SPF 50 Cell Ox Shield $33

I’ve loved this forever. It soaks right into my skin and doesn’t leave a residue.

Foundation: Pixi by Petra Skin Tint $24

This stuff is money! It goes on so smoothly and gives great coverage without looking dry or cakey. And it doesn’t get stuck in my lines and wrinkles.

Blush: Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush in Rose Ecrin $45

I cannot remember the days when I didn’t use this blush. It’s the perfect color for my skin. And now that I’ve changed up my skin products, it looks even better.

Mascara: L’oreal Paris L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara, 203 Black $8

Who needs to waste time and money (and be annoyed with) lash extensions when you can whip this on in a New York minute? Another suggestion from my daughter. My lashes are full and long — and there’s no clumping.

Brows: Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow $24

I have gone round and round with different techniques to fill in my brows, and I keep going back to Gimme Brow. Just make sure you scrape extra gel off the brush so you don’t get clumps.

So there you have it! That’s pretty much all I do on a typical day, along with a little lip color. When I want to look a little extra glam, I dot brown eyeshadow on my lids and perhaps a little bronzer to add definition.


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