We hear camo is back in style. Eek! How do we dare wear it?

You heard that right! It’s back in a big way. I was in LA the other week and camo is EVERYWHERE. At first I was a little adverse to it. But, as I gave it some thought, it really can provide some nice texture and pattern in a casual girl’s outfit.

And like most trends, there are two things I always keep in mind: a little goes a very long way, and don’t for goodness sakes, do not spend a lot of money on it (save those well-earned dollars for experiences…while you’re wearing your camo).

I put together a little example of my thoughts. This one uses camo in a jacket. However, you can also carry out the trend in a scarf, pants, or even some slides.

I often combine textures and patterns in my outfits to add some flair and make it fun. Here I’ve added a striped tee, a silk scarf with a very small pattern and some red to add a pop of color, as well as some scalloped hoop earrings for an element of surprise. Both the silk and the scallops offer a feminine touch that softens the outfit. Throw on this pair of sassy sneakers and you are out the door to run your errands, have coffee with a friend or head to casual Friday at the office.

What I love about these pieces is that they can all be mixed and matched with so many other items in your closet – which will ensure you get your ROI.

RAILS Hendrick Camo Military Jacket / FRAME Striped Short Sleeve T-Shirt / MANGO Crop Skinny Kate Jeans / URBAN OUTFITTERS Double O-Ring Belt / VEJA Women’s V-10 Leather Sneakers / BAUBLEBAR Scallop Hoop Earrings / MATT & NAT Stella Small Vintage Vegan Leather Crossbody / MADEWELL Silk Bandana


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