What do you think of the kerchief comeback?

I love it! And I’ve been waiting for this trend to come back in style since my 20s!

It’s so perfect casual dressing. Kerchief scarves can add a subtle layer of color, pattern or texture to any outfit — to make it chic, but not over the top. For instance, animal prints are really big (again), but that doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy a leopard blouse, coat or pants to give a nod to this trend. Just buy a scarf to weave the look into your outfit. It’s as simple as that.

My Insta friend, Debi Spears (Instagram: @dressingdebi_fft), above is wearing the perfect example: a casual striped sweater with an animal print kerchief tied around her neck. LOVE. Debi also says to tie a kerchief around your wrist or handbag strap too. Brilliant.

Here are several of my favorite kerchief scarves out there:




Rebecca Minkoff

Tory Burch



Max Mara




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