You’ve Got Options. And the Keys to Let Yourself In.

We all have options. Regardless of our circumstances. Doors to be opened. And now more than ever is the time to knock on those doors – or use the keys we have to let ourselves in.

Speaking for myself – though I’m sure many of you feel the same – I’m at such a unique juncture in my life, and for the very first time I feel like I have an ample supply of "keys" to open certain doors.

At this stage of the game, I have the keys of youth, vitality, curiosity, and conviction. As an empty nester, I have the key to more time. Now I need to cut a few more keys, like determination and tenacity, and find the doors that I want to open: my options.

This is where I need to stretch my mind and think about all the possibilities – all the doors I would love to walk through.

Here’s my short list. Mind you, this is not a bucket list. I know I can’t do all of them, but it’s satisfying to know there are choices – some more realistic than others.

Road trip in a Winnebago or take a train across the country or just travel in general – everywhereKnit another sweater (the last one I knitted took me 30 years – but that’s another story for another time)Volunteer – reading to children and/or holding babiesWork in a classroom setting on a college campus (especially at University of Oregon)Learn photographyWork on a ranch (just finished watching Godless – so good!)Take Becoming to the next levelWatch all of the movies that have won the Academy Award for best pictureWork as a bartenderWrite a screenplayTake voice lessonsBe on Kathie Lee and Hoda (ha!)Get a graphic design degreeWork out dailyTake college literature coursesWork at Yellowstone National Park or Grand Canyon (I love national parks)

So this week I urge you to create your list. Figure out what doors you want to open and what keys you’re going to need to open them.

xx, Jen

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