How Will You Shop the Fall Trends?

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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is in full swing and creating such buzz. And when you check out the items online, it’s no wonder everyone is talking about it. So many fantastic styles out there.

But for us women who live a more casual lifestyle, but what to be stylish regardless of what the day brings — working from home, meeting clients, running errands, having friends for lunch or attending a more formal event — the change of seasons and the new fashion trends it brings can be hard to navigate.

I absolutely love fashion and I try to figure out a way to breathe style into my everyday life – even if I have nowhere to go. And, when I do have an event or meeting, I have an outfit at the ready for any occasion. I have a wardrobe methodology that really works for this situation, and I’ll use it to help me shop the sale.

Here’s how it goes:

The first step is to create a base. Just like a great piece of art, you need a nicely stretched canvas on which you can layer your unique style. The base is made up of your wardrobe essentials – and this is where I spend my well-earned dough – classic pieces that I splurge on because I know I’ll wear them over and over again.

My base pieces include:

A great fitting black blazer. Susie talked me into buying this one and I tell you what – it was pricey for me, but such a great investment piece and I have never regretted the purchase. I can wear it for any occasion – thrown over a graphic tee for a trip to the grocery store, or dress it up with heels and statement earrings and head to an auction and raise my paddle with the rest of them.

A few pairs of great fitting, high-quality jeans. I have a funny story. Several years ago, I bought my first pair of expensive jeans. They fit so well and they must have looked just as good as they felt. Here’s why: I wore them, let’s say on a Tuesday, the next day, Wednesday, I wore my cheap jeans. That day, my husband (who doesn’t like to spend money, and doesn’t have a sense of style) said, “Those jeans you’re wearing look horrible on you. I liked the jeans you wore on Tuesday, they looked sooo good!” Did I take the former as an insult? No! I took the latter as a carte blanche to buy a few more pair of $200 jeans! And that’s just what I did. One of the best things about the Nordstrom sale is that the very best jean brands are deeply discounted. I love these, these and these, and want to buy them all to help me get through fall and winter…and next spring.

A really well fitting, crisp white cotton blouse. I think this is the workhorse of the wardrobe. A white blouse will never let you down. You can wear it for so many occasions, tuck or untuck, tie it up, roll up the cuffs or fold them over the sleeves of a sweater. Seriously. I wear one almost every day throughout the four seasons. I think this one is perfect.

A beautiful, solid pair of pumps. Wear them with jeans, slacks, dresses, skirts. If I want to change up an outfit from day to evening or from casual to dressy, I throw on a pair of pumps for an instant upgrade. I bought my first pair when I was 23 and traveling in Bruges, Belgium (known for its shoes). They are so beautiful…and I still have them and am still in love with them to this day – 31 years later! They’re similar in style to these, which I also love/want.

A nice pair of solid colored slacks. Here’s my deal: when I find a pair that fit me like a glove and make me feel good, I’ll buy one in every color. But I love to mix and match and what a better, and sure-fire way to do it when you feel like you have a solid foundation of a good pant?

And now for the brush strokes – the layers on the canvas. This is where I sneak in the trends and fast fashion pieces, such as blouses and camis, scarves, statement earrings, flats and sneakers, sweaters and coats. In most cases, these are pieces where you shouldn’t spend a lot of money, as the trends come and go so quickly. And after one or two seasons, they’ll feel stale and dated.

In regard to trends for the fall, based on sights on the Fall ’18 NYFW runways, the retailers – including Nordstrom – will be filling their rounders and racks with:

  • Animal prints
  • Magentas and reds
  • Plaids
  • Wrap sweaters and blouses
  • Pointy-toed mules
  • Western inspired booties
  • Moto jackets
  • Jumpsuits
  • Long cardigans

Whew! I’m a woman of many words! So, given all of this, above an inspiration board with an outfit that you can take from hanging out at home to running errands to cocktails with your girl gang. Just click on the numbers below it to find it at the Nordstrom sale.

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