What Brings You Joy?

I recently picked up my daughter from college (yay, she’s home!) and during our 3-day road trip through Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho and Oregon, we had nothing but time…to talk.

So I asked her, “What brings you joy?” and her answers were thought-provoking to say the least. And they incited me to dig deep about what brings me joy. Outside, of course, the usual suspects.

And it’s a laundry list.

Let me indulge myself for a bit. Here’s what I uncovered…so far:

Writing (duh)Expressing myself through my style and creativityMaking my friends laughThat very first sip of coffee in the morning…in my favorite mugRoad trips, and the conversations you have along the wayThe voice of a baseball commentator giving a play-by-playMy dog’s paws (seriously, there is something so darn cute about them)Seeing people in tender momentsMonday morningsReading a book that I can’t put down, and savoring it for days after I’ve finished itHoda and Kathie Lee (ha!)Being realNew underwear (see tip below)When I get an email from a reader that says, “Thank you. I really needed this today,” in a response to a newsletterThe smell of fresh cut grassMaking my bedShowing appreciation and truly meaning itPutting my head on my mom’s chest and hearing her heartbeat and rhythm of her breathing that comforted me for so many yearsThis list

And I have no doubt there’s more. I’m going to continue to search for joyful moments and keep this list going. Put it in a convenient place where I can refer back to it often so I don’t forget to make room for the joy that will help me navigate my next chapter.

Go find your joy.

xx, Jen

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