Some Days You Just Can’t Bring It. And That’s a Good Thing.

I think we all have those days…or weeks…where we just can’t bring it. And that’s what I’m having today.

Depleted of creativity for the moment. It’s like my mind has been zipped up and my thoughts are stuck inside. My brain is saying, “Nope, not right now. We need a rest.”

But I’m not worried. Just as with everything in life, it ebbs and flows.

It’s actually quite exciting.

It means the ideas are on a slow slimmer that will lead to a boil. The kettle will soon start to whistle and rattle and I’ll be pouring a delicious cup of tea – with the hope that it is more palatable than the cups I’ve poured in the past.

So that’s all I have for you today.

xx, Jen

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