A Reminder to Chill Out

I recently read a Q & A article where a woman asked an etiquette expert, “How do I tell my guests to use coasters on my dining room table? They are leaving rings.”

And you know what the expert said?

“You don’t tell them to use coasters. You let them enjoy being your guests and you let them leave rings on the table. Those rings will be reminders of the good times you had entertaining your friends.”

Of course, I thought the expert was going to answer with some clever way to tell her guests to be respectful of her furniture. But her response was far more clever…and way more principled.

Such a pleasant surprise and a welcomed relief: a license from an etiquette expert to just chill the hell out.

I actually have rings on my dining room table. Most were actually made by me. I use my dining room table as a place to write, and often set my coffee cup or water glass right on the table.

And after reading the experts response, and seeing those rings every single day, they are now a reminder to just chill the hell out. They are a reminder of all the clichés we’ve all heard along the way:

“Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

“Life is too short.”


“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

They are also a reminder of what I love to do: sitting at my dining room table, drinking my beloved morning cup of coffee while watching my girls Hoda and Savannah on the Today Show…and writing.

So this week, I urge you to go out and make “rings on your table.” And chill.

xx, Jen

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