Why We Need to Give Ourselves a Hug

For all of you who have been long-time readers of the newsletter know how I feel about the term, “anti-aging.” I don’t like it. I often scratch my head thinking, “What in the heck do we have against aging?”

I do get it. Yes, it’s hard to look in the mirror and see the signs of aging, and think, “where did she go?” And I would never say never to having a procedure done (I haven’t had any up to this point). So I’m not getting on my soapbox preaching to or shaming those who have had things done.

But here’s the deal: with aging come so many incalculable benefits. Personally, I have never felt more confident, steady and strong in my life. I’m so ready to make the most of my next chapter. And these feelings surely wouldn’t have found their place in the younger version of Jen. I had to pay the piper dearly to get to this place – and those payments can only be made with experience, time…and age.

So it turns out that The Royal Society for Public Health, Vision, Voice and Practice (RSPH) doesn’t like the term either. But their reasoning goes even deeper than my own. Last week it published a study titled, "How attitudes to aging affect our health and wellbeing." The report outlines how aging is seen as a “condition” that we need to combat.


But really, when you think about it, this message certainly comes across loud and clear, especially for women. I see it almost every day – on magazine covers, on cosmetic labels, on TV commercials. And it speaks volumes: “Aging is bad. Whatever you do, do NOT age or show any signs of it.”

And just how are we supposed to do that?

I’ll tell you how.

We flip our thinking. And we hug our age every day. We wear it loud and proud. Treat it as if it is our very best friend (because it is). We continue to carefully nurture the process and watch the gifts of aging reveal themselves along the way.

xx, Jen

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