So, Susie…We need a new summer fragrance, stat! What would you suggest?

I think you were just reading my mind, because I became hooked on body sprays last summer and now I’m convinced they are the way to go for a summertime fragrance, and I’ve been investigating new ones to try. Yes, body sprays! Mind you, these are not your Love’s Baby Soft or Jean Nate’ that we wore in the 70s. Body sprays have made a resurgent among the designer set, who gave the latest formulas a luxe upgrade.

Take for example Tom Ford’s Soleil Blanc, which is a soothing warm-weather beachy scent that makes it perfect for summer. I wore it last summer and got so many compliments. There’s also the cult favorite, which I’m trying this summer, Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess, a seductive summer scent and now comes in a cooling body spray. This one you will want to get soon, because everything from the Bronze Goddess collection sells out!

Another favorite is Chanel Coco Mademoiselle spray oil, which is light and also hydrating. I like using this in non-winter months, as the fragrance is lighter. There are also hair mists that are worth trying. Two favorites, both by Thierry Mugler, are Alien and Angel.

The best part: they’re all between $40-70, which makes it an easy way to try out a fragrance without investing in a full size bottle.

Here are some of my favorite finds:

BYREDO Mojave Ghost Hair PerfumeThierry Mugler Alien by Mugler Beautifying Hair MistTOM FORD Private Blend Soleil Blanc All Over Body SprayThierry Mugler Alien by Mugler Beautifying Hair MistJo Malone London Cattleya Flower Body MistTOM FORD Private Blend Neroli Portofino All Over Body SprayCHANEL COCO MADEMOISELLE Velvet Body Oil Spray

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