Tried It: Smooth Feet

Let me “kick” this off with a forewarning: don’t start Baby Foot if you aren’t prepared to wear socks for a week because things get unexpectedly icky – literally overnight.

Baby Foot is a foot peel, and promises to give you feet as soft as a baby’s – hence the name. It can be purchased via Amazon for about $20. I actually got mine at an Asian market. A box contains to sets of booties – so you can either save on set for a later treatment, or share it with a friend to do at the same time. My daughter and I did them together – we had absolutely no idea what to expect.

How it works:

You slip on the booties that are filled with a gel and leave it on for an hour. Best to do this when you plan to be sitting in front of the TV or reading a good book. These gel-filled booties are akin to stepping into a bag full of partially set Jell-O…and it can be a very slippery slope, so it is best to stay put.Then you wait…and wait…for days. And it seems like nothing is ever going to happen. And just when you start to feel like you wasted $20, it happens.You wake up one morning and your feet are shading snakeskin-size pieces of dried skin. It’s unbelievably ghastly and satisfying. And this is where the socks come in. You will be shedding foot skin day and night — all over the house and furniture if you don’t wear socks 24/7.And then one day, it stops and you have the most beautifully soft feet you’ve probably ever had since you were a baby.

Was it worth it?

Hands down yes. My feet were so soft. The huge calluses I acquired from playing tennis were completely gone. And, while it was a really weird process, it was also grossly pleasing.


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