Learning to Listen

Let’s talk. Actually, you talk, I’ll just listen.

I feel like I haven’t been a good listener recently. I’m hearing what I want to hear or I’m misinterpreting what is being said to me. Or, and most likely, talking too much.

Not good.

At all.

It’s pretty common for most people to think they are listening, but are actually waiting to talk. It’s human nature to want to share what’s in our bag of tools – our thoughts, our stories, our advice. Even our judgments. And yes, we’re also impatient in our urge to share, to get our street cred, to prove our point, to be admired and validated.

Guilty as charged on all fronts.

But as I grow older, and become more confident, the less I feel the need to impress or seek validation by sharing my unsolicited two cents.

I want to listen. Look the speaker straight in the eye and simply hear them and fully understand them

I have a very dear friend who does just this (yes, I’m talking about you CS). She really knows how to listen. She listens to all my woes. Never talks over me. And then calmly provides soothing reassurance. Always says exactly what I need to hear. Simply because she listens.

I want to be her.

So I’m going to practice the art of listening.

Do you hear me?

xx, Jen

P.S. New column coming your way called BTDT (Been There Done That). I always promise you that I’ll let you know how things go when I try something out. Well, I promise to make good on my promise. From time-to-time in this newsletter, you’ll read about things that I have tried…and how they worked for me. In this week’s newsletter, I talk about Rent the Runway.

P.P.S. No newsletter next week…or the week after. The hubster and I are headed to Colombia for an adventure. As of this past Friday, we hadn’t even booked our hotels. Eek. But that’s how we roll. More later…

Sister to Sister

Lori Massicot

Meet my new “sister,” Lori Massicot of To 50 & Beyond who is a nutrition and wellness coach. We met on Instagram (@to50andbeyond). Okay, full disclosure: I actually stalked her. She is so adorable and has the best personality (I LOVE her InstaStories – I literally laugh out loud). And one day, she reached out to me! And asked me to be on her podcast! Um, easy answer: Yes! I was floored and so very flattered (it will be published soon). See, sometimes stalking pays off, right?

As we discussed the logistics of the podcast recording, I got to know more about Lori and I was so incredibly impressed by her smarts, grit and tenacity…all revealed in her story below. She’s the real deal. What I love about her story is that she lifted herself from a dark place in her life and now finds has a passion to lift up others. Her determination amazes and inspires me.

Read More

So, Susie…

With summer right around the corner, I feel like I need to refresh my wardrobe. Where should I start?

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BTNT: Rent the Runway

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I thought Rent the Runway only rented fancy dresses, and to my surprise and delight, found out they rent everyday clothes. So I tried it…and loved it!

For $89/month, I get to select four different pieces. I wear them for a month and then have an option to buy what I love — at a discount. I loved this Rebecca Taylor wrap skirt and ended up buying it at 40% off.

It was easy to send the rest back, and now I need to pick four more items, which I’ll do when I’m back from vacation. I’ll post what I order for you all to see.

I’m particularly excited about Rent the Runway for Fall and Winter when I can rent beautiful coats and try out different purses and bags. Stay tuned!


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Simple seems to be more and more of a theme for me. I’ve posted some workouts here that have been kind of complicated. They’re awkward to do and then I either give up or I muddle through and get very little out of them. I found this one — I need some fine-tuning on my arms — and it is simple and easy to do while I’m watching my girls on the Today Show every morning. And I tell you what: I am feeling it. That right there is the tell-tale sign of a good workout. (FitSugar)

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To make thisfor dinner. (Half Baked Harvest)

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