New Shiny Object

Holy smokes. Do you feel inundated with the latest and greatest life-changing this or that? We’ve got advice coming at us at every turn. The new shiny object is always lurking in the shadows. Tricks, devices, stunts, potions that will make us better, smarter, thinner, and prettier.

“Eat this.”

“Never, ever, ever eat that.”

“Do this new-fangled, ultimate full-body cardio routine.”

“No, build muscle instead with these revolutionary moves.”

“Use this super-secret wonder cream.”

“Make your own cosmetics using these impossibly-hard-to-find ingredients.”


“10 Reasons Why Cleansing Will Kill You.”

Want some real advice? Here you go: keep it simple.

Get 7-8 hours of sleep.Drink lots of water.Eat a balanced diet.Do some form of exercise every day.Wash your face and moisturize.Brush your teeth.Comb your hair.Be kind to yourself and others.Everything in moderation.

How hard is that (note to self)? It’s what we hear over and over again. It’s the voice of reason. And it really is that simple. No gimmicks. No miracle cures. No starving yourself or crazy workouts. No nonsense. Just takes some plain, old work and discipline.

Simply take care of yourself and the rest will follow.



Impactfully Good

Elevating Our Educators

We’re all too familiar with the plight of teachers these days: Jam-packed classrooms, pathetic funding, and a bursting desire to do the very best they can do for our children. Many go to great lengths, using their own resources – off hours and money – to meet the basic classroom needs. Yes, for many, it’s that dire of a situation. But through we all can help. is like a GoFundMe, but solely for teachers. Teachers create funding campaigns for their classroom needs, along with the amount needed to fund them – anything from basic teaching items to equipment to monitor child obesity and health. And we get to choose what we want to fund.

So, Susie…

The weather is still a bit cool, and I’ve got a dressy event coming up. How do I stay warm while still looking seasonal and stylish?

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[ Walls ]

Do you have the same dilemma as I do? You’ve got walls. You want cool art. But you don’t want to spend or have the budget to buy original pieces. I was just on Minted looking for cards and realized that they now have art. Really cool art at really great prices. Where have I been? Here’s one of my favs. (Minted)

[ Wear ]

Think your style diminishes after 50? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. It just gets better. Here’s proof. (Harper’s BAZAAR)

[ Workout ]

Yoga. They make it looks so easy, but all of us who have practiced it know that it can make you feel like a wimp faster than a speeding bullet. It can also make you feel more powerful than a locomotive…and maybe even able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Ha! But, as they say, practice does make perfect. And by practicing yoga poses on your own, you’ll be downward dogging with the best of them. (Yoga with Adriene)

[ Wonder ]

I’ve always wondered if there were alternatives to cleaning my "Dry Clean Only" pieces for so many reasons, but mostly because I have my go-to favorites and it pains me to part with them for a week. Here are ways to determine all the options for your DCO duds. (Lauren Conrad)

[ Winsome ]

A former cosmetic buyer of a very well-known department store once told me it’s totally acceptable to cruise the drugstore for my skincare and makeup. "It’s all the same," she shrugged. "Just less-fancy packaging." I kind of believed her. But the drugstore can be so overwhelming and there’s no one to help you. Have no fear, I stumbled onthis articlethat helps navigate the aisles. (Into the Gloss)

[ Want ]

After 54 years of searching, I feel like I have finally found my style…and a collared shirt is an essential piece for me. For spring and summer, I LOVE this one. (Shopbop)

Shop So, Susie…

June and Hudson Trench (Whoops! Looks like the word got out on this one. It is sold out!)Lizzie Fortunato Go-Go NecklaceLeith Ruched Body-Con Tank DressYves Saint Laurent ‘La Laque Couture'(in Rose Abstract)Valentino GARAVANI Rockstud Wave Slingback SandalClare V. Le Freak Flat Clutch

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