We are Lovely

Wrinkles and all.

So I’m going to get on my soapbox. But I won’t stay up there long.

It seems that everywhere I turn, I see the term “anti-aging” and I tend to bristle a little. I’m wary of the term “anti-aging” and here’s why: because aging got us to this pretty amazing place. We have amassed such confidence, wisdom, and contentment through the years – through aging.

And we fought hard through all our struggles and victories along the way to get to this place.

We are really lovely.

Why would we want to be against it?

And I’m not saying, “don’t get procedures.” We should do what feels right for us and makes us feel good. But at the same time focus on the beauty that age has provided. Let’s embrace it when we look in the mirror every day.

Feel it when we walk down the street. Rejoice in it when we climb into bed at night. We’ve earned it.

Okay, stepping off my box. Let’s do this.

xx, Jen

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Impactfully Good.

Thrifty Threads

We hear grumbling about millennials – they’re ungrateful, lazy, impatient, entitled…and the list goes on. But I tell you what, there are many pages from their book that we should steal. Especially the page about textile waste and resale shopping. Each year, the U.S. generates more than 15 million tons of used textile waste (oy!). But it’s the millennials who are driving the growth for online resale shops, which aims to reduce the clothing waste that’s been piling up in our landfills. And thanks to them, the online resale shops are now commonplace and filled with fabulous finds. Want to be a part of the online resale revolution? Here’s a guide to the best online resale outlets.


[ Walls ]

We’re starting to clean up and design our backyard (if it will ever stop raining). So I’m on the hunt for outdoor dining ideas and came across these. They’re all so good, I’m more confused than when I started. (Houzz)

[ Wear ]

Okay, where the heck have I been? I always thoughtRent the Runway was for fancy special occasion and evening wear, but they actually have everyday clothes to rent. I’m trying it, and I’m so excited to let you know how it goes. (Rent the Runway)

[ Workout ]

A new workout playlist that will help you bust the moves. (Spotify)

[ Whim ]

Sometimes navigating your next chapter requires reinvention to get where you really want to go. If that’s the path you need to take, here are 5 helpful steps. (Tiny Buddha)

[ Words ]

Okay, friends, I’ve included this once before, but I need to include it again because it just keeps getting more compelling. I’ve pre-ordered Sally Kohn’s book The Opposite of Hate and it should be hitting my nightstand tomorrow. Since my pre-order, I’ve watched her TEDTalk, which is so refreshing and full of surprises (even for Sally) and her "PSA" about internet trolls, which is funny/not funny. (Amazon, TED, Mic)

[ Want ]

Kimonos are so in right now, and I wish I bought one when I was in Japan. Shit. But I guess I’ll settle on this one, which is so perfect to wear anytime for any occasion. (Neiman Marcus)

So, Susie…

Welp, looks like she’s on vacation. Again. Stay tuned for next week. She’s got some very good tips in the works.


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Why we love it? The contrast. The structured coat with the flouncy patterned sleeves, and the pop of animal print with her pumps.

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