Pat on the Back

This past Thursday we collectively celebrated International Women’s Day. While the movement has existed since 1909 and then adopted by the United Nations in 1975, I have never seen such an outpouring of women (and men) celebrating women on March 8th until this year.

Maybe I’ve had my head in the sand. But I’ve come up for air to a heartening, hopeful sound of sisterhood.

This past Thursday, we saw lots of people honoring women who have notably made history and paved the way for many of us, as well as for the next generation. But I want to remind all of you that each one of us is making history in our own special way. By the examples that we set, the things we do and say, the simple gestures, and the contributions to our families, communities, and countries.

We ALL make a difference. We ALL should be honored and elevated.

Especially at our age and as we move forward. We hold the power at our age – the wisdom, knowledge, and confidence to make a change and truly make a difference – whatever that change and difference may be.

As you move forward this week, look for the differences you are making and pat yourself on the back.

xx, Jen

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Impactfully Good.

The Cycle of Illiteracy

I vividly remember my trips to the library when I was a very young girl – under 7 years-old. My mom, along with my two older sisters, would venture to downtown Ithaca, NY to the “big” library. We each got to pick out two books. I was so excited to read my books that I’d open them during the car ride home…and then proceed to get carsick.

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[ Walls ]

While I’m not big on entertaining (waaaay too stressful for my laid back world), I love to have an eclectic array of serving dishes for my own gratification. And right now, I’m loving these dessert platesfrom Mark & Graham. (Mark & Graham)

[ Wear ]

It’s always been my rule of thumb to invest in a good handbag. If you buy a cheap one, you’ll wear it out and just have to buy another…and another…and by that time, you could have bought a really nice handbag that would still be working for you. However, if you’re spending the big bucks on a nice one, God forbid, make sure it doesn’t look cheap!! (WhoWhatWear)

[ Workout ]

Put together a playlist for your next workout. Enjoy! (Spotify)

[ Wellness ]

Wake up happy. (MyDomaine)

[ Wise ]

Nike was on to something when they came up with the tagline: Just Do it. Setting your own standards is so freeing. Not everything needs to be done perfectly. No one knows, cares. So even if you’re doing it badly, at least you’re doing it. That’s the subject of this podcast with Gretchen Rubin. Just do it. (Gretchen Rubin)

[ Whim ]

One of my goals while navigating my next chapter is to learn some new skills. For example, I want to be a better photographer. I’m going to give Creative Live a shot(pun intended). I’ll let you know how it goes. (Creative Live)

[ Winsome ]

Boost collagen? Reduce fine lines and wrinkles? Improve skin texture? With a fast, low-pain procedure? Count me in. (Byrdie)

[ Want ]

Okay, here’s the deal. I live at the Oregon Coast 4 days/week and in PDX 3/days. I work from home/hotel, and I rarely have face-to-face client meetings. So I really don’t need an extensive wardrobe. But I want to look stylish – even if no one sees me.That’s why I want some more Zella. (Nordstrom)

So, Susie…

…I’m attending a charity event and the invitation says “casual cocktail attire”…any great ideas on what to wear?

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Violet is an Australian mom to 5 grown children and a Silver Fox Management model. We love that she demonstrates how to age naturally with amazing style.

Why we love it? We think the white blouse is the workhorse of any wardrobe. But Violet shows us that it doesn’t have to be boring or bland, Just throw on some cute jeans and some statement earrings and you have instant, effortless glam.

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