So, Susie…What accessories do you think make any outfit?

In my mind, there are three important accessories that elevate any outfit. As a matter of fact, you can be wearing a simple tee and a great pair of jeans…and by adding these three things, you will look modern every day!

1. A fabulous handbag. Find a unique, special bag — one you fall in love with, works with many outfits and amplifies your style! You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot, but it should be current. I think by having several you have options to change up your look. A clutch, crossbody, and a tote would be my three picks.

2. A great pair of sunglasses. Again in an ideal world, it’s great to have a few pairs that work for any occasion. I think a pair of aviators is perfect for those more casual, sporty days. An oversized black pair adds glamour to every outfit, while a tortoiseshell style adds a level of chic. Owning all three allows a stylish option for every day and any outfit!

3. Personal jewelry.

While it’s fun to purchase the latest earrings, cuff, or necklace, incorporating your own, sentimental pieces, collected over the years is the finishing touch to any piece of clothing.beautifully with black and looks especially good with white as we head into spring.

Susie Wright of The Susie Wright Project is the quintessential stylist. She weaves her well-honed creativity into everything she does – whether it’s styling her clients’ wardrobes, recommending beauty products and procedures, decorating her beautiful home, or buying gifts for her dear friends and loved ones. She especially has a unique sense for transforming women of our certain age so that we look fresh and polished and not overdone. Make sure you follow her on instagram to get more inspiration and ideas: @susie.wright

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