Feeling the Groove

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, soul searching and dwelling about how I want to navigate my life’s next chapter. And I’m starting to feel the groove.

Here’s where I landed:

Outside of loving my family, which is a given, I want to be fit, I want to be stylish, I want to be vibrant, I want to travel and I want to give back. And I may want to learn a new skill or two. Sounds like I "want it all," but they all play off of each other in one way or another.

I think this is what most of you want as well.

Over the course of the past few months, we’ve been experimenting and testing Becoming so we can bring you the content and information you really want, matched with what we can offer, to help you navigate your next chapter.

Here’s what we found you’re most interested in:

Fashion/style/shopping: yes to the yesTech: not reallyBeauty: for sureSex: um, not so muchHome decorating: dependsTravel: yupMusic, podcasts, books: mehEmpowering women: surprisingly notFitness: oh yesWellness: yeah, sureFood & drink: kinda

From what we gleaned from our “research,” we’re doing two things:

Paring down our content to deliver what you really want so you don’t have to slog through content you really don’t want. It’ll make for a much easier, satisfying read. And that is our goal. Going to just one day a week. We want you to wake up Monday morning to find Becoming in your inbox and help you jump start your week by being inspired and ready to move forward.

We plan to provide the content you love:

The inspirational commentary Ways to give back (Impactfully Good – our new column) The W: The Best Content Out There to Move You ForwardSo, Susie (of course)OOTW (outfit of the week) From Our Instagram Friends

So, without further ado, let’s get this Becoming show on the road!

Impactfully Good.

The Refugee Crisis:

The many ways to help

The scene from 2015 is forever etched in our minds: a 3-year-old Syrian boy’s lifeless body on a Turkish beach. Three years old. Still just a baby…

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[ Walls ]

Wow, what a transformation with this kitchen remodel. Gives me hope for my hopeless-looking kitchen. (Centsational Stye)

[ Wear ]

Who was your favorite on the red carpet last night? Here’s the line up. (Pretty Little Shoppers)

[ Workout ]

Oh my goodness, this is the perfect full-body workoutwhen I’ve got 30 minutes, but not enough time to hit the gym. All you need is a mat and your body. (Fit Sugar)

[ Wellness ]

Why in the heck do we make it so complicated? We go on these diets with so many restrictions, and we try to follow the “rules” so carefully that we just can’t sustain them (I lasted on the Whole 30 for one whole 30 minutes). Eating healthy really doesn’t need to be that hard. And that’s why I love this article about the 8 things we do that sabotage our healthy eating. It gives us license to cut ourselves a little slack so we can be successful. (The Everygirl)

[ Wanderlust ]

If you’re so lucky to be heading to Hawaii for a spring break, make sure you hit the trail. (Hand Luggage Only)

[ Want ]

These shoes so I can carry the sneaker trend into spring. And lucky me, because Adidas U.S. headquarters is here in Portland, I often get passes to the employee store to get them at half price! (Adidas)

So, Susie…

…what accessories do you think make any outfit?

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