FRIDAY 5: Spring has Sprung

Your Weekly Dose of Eye Candy from Our Friends at Instagram

And here are some Instagrammers who are wearing the spring trends we revealed in Wednesday’s "So, Susie…".

Who is it?

@my40smyway.Jackeline Charlesworth, a mom, preschool owner and fitness trainer. We’ve featured her before becuase she has such amazing style and her smile always brightens our day. She does most of her shopping a discount stores, which makes it super fun to follower her and see how she puts her bargain finds together.

Why we love it?She’s incorporating lilac — a big color trend for spring — in a chic and playful way. Plus, those boots!!

Who is it?

@cabermu. Christina Bermudez is an influencer from Spain more than 100K followers and known for her relaxed, yet sharp style.

Why we love it? She’s wearing another spring trend, the trench. This one has details, like the ties at the cuffs, that we’re seeing on the racks.

Who is it?

@khaoulathings. Khaoula is based in Amsterdam and has a highly stylized Instagram feed with also more than 100K followers.

Why we love it? She’s wearing one of Susie’s favorite spring trends — a blazer in a sorbet color. And we give it extra bonus points for the details like the stitching and zippers.

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Who is it?

@nataliejayne_semmens Natalie is a London-based Instagrammer with a fabulously sensible style. We love how she mixes and matches her outfits throughout her feed.

Why we love it? The belt bag is back! And we love how she’s using it as a pop of color to this casual outfit — a fantastic finishing touch. Oh, and those red booties — yes, please!

Who is it?

@chrissyford.Chrissy Rutherford is the senior fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar. It’s no wonder she has impeccable style.

Why we love it? White booties are a key fashion piece for spring. They can be worn with anything from denim to dresses. We love how she’s paired hers with a retro look.


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