The W: Pay Up

Today’s The W helps you make sense of all those payment apps, find fabric online, and see the real fashion around fashion week. Plus, learn about epigenetics, make the most of your workout, book some bleisure travel, have a little sugar, and buy a new skirt.

But first…

So, Susie…

…tell us about your morning beauty routine and why it’s important for women our age.

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[ Walls ]

A guide to getting decorator fabric online. (Clever)

[ Wear ]

The scene on the street at last week’s New York Fashion Week. (Collage Vintage)

[ Winsome ]

So maybe we can’t blame our skin on our genes after all. New studies in epigeneticsare pushing cosmetics companies to take a closer look at what truly affects our skin and aging. Here’s a solid explanation. (Les Nouvelles Esthétiques)

[ Wires ]

Apple, Google, Venmo, Zelle. Seems like everyone has an app to move money around. But how do we make sense of all of them? Here’s an article that does a terrific job explaining how each is different. (TheBalance)

[ Workout ]

Simple steps to ensure you get what you need in your fitness routine. (Live Happy)

[ Wanderlust ]

Bleisure is really a thing. And now there are blogs dedicated to this new term for travel (even though us Baby Boomers and Gen Xers been doing it for years). (Blue Orange Travel)

[ Wellness ]

The trick to having a little sugar. (Well + Good)

[ Want ]

And bought this Missoni-inspired skirt while I was in NYC last week. I love it because I can wear it year around. Pair it with a graphic tee (see last week’s So, Susie…) and my Superga’s or dress it up with a blouse tied at the waist. (Zara)

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