So, Susie…What are your thoughts about graphic tees?

My thoughts are that I absolutely love them. Anyone can wear them – at any age or any shape. They’re playful and versatile and add a modern visual element to any outfit.

And you can wear them anywhere and anytime, so if you decide to splurge on one of the high-end designer brands, like Balmain or Gucci, you will definitely get your CPW (cost per wear). Or you can also go a more inexpensive route with brands like Topshop.

They can be worn with denim, they look great with a black blazer, or you can go athleisure with them. But my very favorite way to wear them is tucked into a skirt. I love the contrast of how the sporty look of the tee plays off the femininity of a skirt. If you’re looking for compliments – this is the way to go!

Susie Wright of The Susie Wright Project is the quintessential stylist. She weaves her well-honed creativity into everything she does – whether it’s styling her clients’ wardrobes, recommending beauty products and procedures, decorating her beautiful home, or buying gifts for her dear friends and loved ones. She especially has a unique sense for transforming women of our certain age so that we look fresh and polished and not overdone. Make sure you follow her on instagram to get more inspiration and ideas: @susie.wright

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