FRIDAY 5: Art of a Woman

Your Weekly Dose of Eye Candy from Our Friends at Instagram

Some of our favorite female artists on Instagram, and their female art.

Who is it?@kitchentableartist

Her name is Jane LeBeau Raho, and that’s really all we know we know about her. Oh, and that she followed us one day on Instagram and we loved her work so much, we immediately followered her back to get a continuous fill.

Why we love it?The caricature quality but with allure, sophistication and charm.

Who is it?@annespaintingsAnne Darby parker is a Charleston-based artist. The bio on her website reads: "Anne practices painting daily in her Sullivan’s Island studio, en plein air and in weekly figurative sessions. Her influences include a variety of artists and genres, and the intent of her work is to discover extraordinary elements within the everyday."

Why we love it? The ethereal quality made by broad, course brushstrokes mesmerizes us…and baffles us. How does one do that? Sheer talent.

Who is it?@paula.rubino Florida-based artist Paula Rubino sounds like one of those truly cerebral people that use both sides of their brain. According to her bio she studied at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy. And…she also holds a degree in economics and law. Scratching our heads and utterly in awe.

Why we love it? For the very reasons in which she describes her art: "Paula Rubino is a painter and printmaker combining contemporary imagery with classical techniques and materials. Spare compositions are arranged to evoke calm, color is placed to heighten mood, and multi-layered, broad brushwork builds a complex yet fresh surface."

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Who is it? @kpalm_fineart

K. Palmeri is an abstract artist using oil and ink. She creates "Lucite Lovelies" that she sells on her website and we are dying for them. And check out her installed work which shows the breadth and depth of her talent.

Why we love it? This is a 60-second sketch. That she did of her 10-year-old daughter. Seriously?! It would take us 60 seconds just to draw a stick figure.

Who is it?@skaynedesigns Sharlene Kayne is a paper collage artist in LA.

Why we love it? It’s a collage. She recreated "Young Girl Reading" by Jean-Honore Fragonar using torn pieces of paper and that amazes us. Plus we love the bubble gum. So clever.


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