So, Susie…

If you could recommend one beauty procedure to freshen up our faces, what would it be?

Eyebrow microblading. Hands down. And there are several reasons why that I’ll explain in a little bit, but first here’s what microblading is for those who may have never heard of it.

Microblading is a technique to fill in your eyebrows – in their natural shape – by making tiny, hair-like strokes with super duper tiny blades and semi-permanent ink. The entire procedure takes about two hours. During the first part, they painstakingly measure, draw and outline to ensure you get the right look. Then they apply numbing cream that needs to sit for 30 minutes, and then the microblading begins. Yes, it hurts like heck – even with the numbing cream. So be prepared for some pain. But the results are really amazing and it’s so worth it, and here’s why:

1. Our eyebrows play an important role (other than protecting our eyes from dust and sweat, of course) in our beauty. They give our face shape and they can “lift” our eyes. And defined eyebrows done right, can really be the centerpiece of our look.

2. It will give you a good seven minutes or more back from our beauty routine – and that, in the scheme of things is huge. Filling in our spotty eyebrows in the morning is definitely time-consuming and tedious, and really has to be done right. It feels great to wake-up with great brows every morning.

3. It costs $500-$700, but in the scheme of things, considering the high cost of other procedures people do to their faces, it’s relatively inexpensive. Plus it lasts for at least a year and up to 2-3 years. Do the math and we’re talking about $30 or less a month.

4. It’s so natural looking. So many people ask me about various procedures, but with the caveat that they don’t want to look overdone. If you find the right person to do it – and make sure you do, by asking around and looking at people’s eyebrows who’ve had it done – it will give you an instant lift without looking like you’ve had “things done.”

Susie Wright of The Susie Wright Project is the quintessential stylist. She weaves her well-honed creativity into everything she does – whether it’s styling her clients’ wardrobes, recommending beauty products and procedures, decorating her beautiful home, or buying gifts for her dear friends and loved ones. She especially has a unique sense for transforming women of our certain age so that we look fresh and polished and not overdone. Make sure you follow her on instagram to get more inspiration and ideas: @susie.wright

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