FRIDAY 5: Get Sneaky

Your Weekly Dose of Eye Candy from Our Friends at Instagram

With Super Bowl Sunday just around the corner, how about we talk sneakers? It makes complete sense to me.

Who is it?@in_the_fifties

We don’t know much about her other than she goes by "Roser," she speaks Spanish, she’s over 50, and she has great style.

Why we love it?The monochromatic styling. It gives the outfit an elegant edge. Plus, it looks super comfortable and easy to wear, while looking totally pulled together. You could wear this just hanging out at home or out and about — even out to a nice dinner.

Who is it?@ariviere

Alex Riviere is a creative director from Barcelona but living in France. Herlifestyle blogshowcases her impeccable, casual style. She’s young. But that doesn’t mean we can’t steal a page from her book.

Why we love it? The contrast of the crisp, white sneakers against red and black is so striking. We love the slouchy, oversized look, right down to the bag. And those pants — they are so very cool.

Who is it?@susie.wright

Our very own Susie Wright of The Susie Wright Project, who has been styling women for years. We kicked off her new column in Becoming this week called "So, Susie…" It offers style advice for women of our certain age.

Why we love it? There’s nothing better than throwing on jeans and chunky sweater on cold days. Add a pair of sneakers and you have a fresh, clean almost preppy look that anyone can wear. And that purse. It’s been our dream purse for years. Maybe someday we’ll own one. #goals

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Who is it? @clubforty.claire

Claire is a forty-something mum from the UK, stylist and lifestyle blogger at Club Forty. She has a realistic style that most of us can relate to and wear.

Why we love it? A sporty, edgy look that will get you through your busiest days of running errands, walking the dog, and having coffee with friends. We love the look of a hoodie under a jacket, especially one that adds a pop of color.

Who is it?@gittabanko

Gitta is a mom and fashion blogger from Germany. She authors Blondwalk that chronicles her sophisticated and bold style.

Why we love it? It shows you the versatility of sneakers. Here Gitta has dressed them up with a sleek two-piece sweater skirt and top and an elegant coat. Seriously, with this style, you could sneak right into the boardroom.


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