The W: Mask-erade

This week’s "The W" brings you new sheets, crazy masks that work, and ways to overcome your fear of flying. Plus, jewelry to wear in 2018, a browser for mobile, ways to be kind and two things I want.

But first!We’re so excited to be adding another column to our Wednesday newsletter! It’s all about style for women of a certain age. It’s called “So, Susie…” and will be a conversational Q & A with our very own personal stylist, and dear friend, Susie Wright of The Susie Wright Project.

Susie’s been styling women of all ages, shapes and sizes for years. And we love her philosophy: keep it simple. You only need a few key pieces to create a stylish wardrobe that you can wear over and over again.

So here we go, our first “So, Susie…” We hope you thoroughly enjoy it!

So, Susie…

Tell us how we can look 10 years younger and 10 pounds lighter, just by the way we dress and style our hair.

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[ Walls ]

I always say that a good night sleep is everything. Your bed should be a nicely feathered nest. And every dollar spent on the best bed, pillows, and sheets make a huge difference. Now you can get the "Netflix of linens." For $5/month Coyuchi will change out your sheets for new, crisp ones every six months. Sleep on that! (PureWow)

[ Winsome ]

The Everygirl put 9 facial masks to the test and had great results. I definitely need "The Hamburglar." (The Everygirl)

[ Wanderlust ]

Many moons ago, I had a huge fear of flying. I was flying from PDX to SEA on a very small, bumpy plane every week for business and it started to take its toll. So much so, that one time I ditched my flight and drove my rental car the three hours back to Portland. I did a lot of reading to understand my fear and how to overcome it, and recently I ran across this article that sums it up nicely. (The Blonde Abroad)

[ Wear ]

Here are the jewelry trends of 2018. I’ll take one of each, please. (PureWow)

[ Wires]

I love having information at my fingertips and the ability to turn to my mobile phone at any given time. But the traditional browsers we use on computers haven’t quite kept up with how we use our phones — specifically the swipe. Enter Cake. A new browser that lets us browse for information with a swipe. And Cake will only get better with the new round of funding in the tune of $5 million. (Cake)

[ Wise ]

I know it sounds woo woo, but I truly believe that what you put out there will come back to you in spades. They this 30-Day Kindness Challenge and see how it changes your life. (Popsugar)

[ Want ]

Okay, so I really wantthese boots,but they are waaaaayyy out of my price range. So I’m going to settle forthis sweater for $55, which follows Susie’s philosophy for creating a waistline to look 10 pounds lighter. (And Other Stories)

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