So, Susie…

Tell us how we can look 10 years younger and 10 pounds lighter, just by the way we dress.

Sure, Jennifer. It can be done and it’s fairly easy. Many women hide their figures. They wear oversized clothes – some go up several sizes than they’re true size. Baggy clothes don’t hide weight; they actually make you look heavier…and older.

What we all really need to do is find are clothes – in your actual size – that flatter your shape. You want to create a waist if you don’t have one. You can do this by wearing a belt or tying a coat. Or find a body-hugging dress that cuts into the waistline. If you’re busty, wear a scoop or V-neck to accentuate the curves of your bust line. Don’t try to hide them.

And there are a few key items that are must-haves in your wardrobe that are instant age reducers:

1. Slim leg, dark wash denim or black pants should be a staple that you wear day-in and day-out. Invest in a good pair and have them tailored if necessary. They’ll feel so good and you will wear them to death.

2. Wear a well-fitting bra. This is more important (and way less expensive) than a boob job. You want to lift the girls up. It’ll take years off your look and, again, show your shape, which makes you look slimmer. Many department stores now have free bra consultations so you can ensure to get the right fit…and be comfortable.

3. Have a stylish, go-to jacket – because in the colder months, people see your coat more than they see your outfit underneath.

4. Get a current hairstyle. Straggly hair or a hairstyle with no shape can add years to your look. A modern, clean, well-groomed style is worth every penny.

I swear. If you do these simple things, you’ll look so much more slender and younger…and definitely more fashionable and pulled together. Plus, your confidence will soar.



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