The W: Wanna Cuddle?

This week’s "The W" brings you a way to get over your wall art hang ups, another workout to take to the gym or do at home, food trends, and relief from mistakenly leaving your phone on during a flight. Plus, ideas for your wardrobe, a possible new career, a beauty secret, why we can rule the world, and my new want. Enjoy!

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[ Walls ]

Hung up about where to place your art? Nate Berkus has some tips.


[ Workout ]

I need guidance. Especially at the gym. My new thing is to find workouts that I can print out and take with me. Easier and less expensive than a trainer…and effective. Here’s my latest.


[ Wine + Dine ]

What you’ll be eating in 2018.(The Everygirl)

[ Wires ]

Did you ever forget to turn off your cell phone during a flight? And then feared you’d get outed, or much worse yet, that you could have taken the plane down? Here’s what happens when you leave your cell phone on during a flight.


[ Wear ]

Updating your wardrobe? Get these pieces that are in the stores right now.

(Career Girl Daily)

[ Work]

Love cats. Will travel. And cuddle. #careergoals

[ Winsome ]

My friend, a woman-in-the-know, questioned her friends with vibrant skin and shiny hair aboutwhat their secret is.


[ Women ]

You, me —we’re poised to rule the world.


[ Want ]

During the cold, snowy and rainy season (which in Oregon is 9 months/year), my philosophy is to make a statement with or build your outfit around your coats because that’s what most people will see you in. Iwant to add this one to my repertoire.It can be worn fall through spring and can be the cornerstone for any type of look.


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