She’s So Powerful

I was walking my dog on the beach this past weekend. A fierce storm came through a few days prior and once again changed the landscape. This time, drastically.

A massive driftwood log – the kind with the enormous and tangled roots still attached – had secured it place in the middle of beach all the past summer and fall. During the storm, the ocean gave it a new home in the sea grass on the dunes. And the dunes, they had a freshly carved edge, which has never been there before. Ever.

Life. She is so powerful. We can resist and push against her. But ultimately she’s going to win. We’re going to be what we are meant to be and do what we are meant to do.

Listen to her carefully.

She will shape you.

She will break you into pieces and put you back together. Better. Stronger. Wiser. And with a clearer understanding of your purpose.

And that’s where all of us are today. We’ve been thrown like driftwood, edged and carved. We’ve felt the sun on our backs and the wind in our hair. We’ve learned to move with the ebb and flow. And we are so ready to groove right along with her.

This week, really think about how she’s shaped you and what you will become moving forward. Here are some thought-provoking articles.

Fondly, Jen

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Some super interesting reading…

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And for fun…here’s a woman who has ridden the waves all her life, and continues to ride well into her 70s.

Can and Will: Gwyn Haslock (Can and Will)

“Suffering has been greater than all other teachings.

I have been bent and broken, but I hope into a better shape.”

― Charles Dickinson

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