The W: Is it Spring Yet?

This week’s "The W" brings you a fun before & after, an easy-moves strengthening workout, and a way to cut out sugar. Plus, a cooking app that does it all, a video that gets you thinking about your style uniform, an understanding about how appreciation affects our bodies, and some accolades for CVS. But the big question is, "Is it Spring yet?" because I want to wear cute sandals. Enjoy!

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[ Walls ]

I love before and afters. And I love Airstreams. What could be better than a before & after of a 1970s Airstream? Check out this transformation.

(Apartment Therapy)

[ Workout ]

I’m still in search of a great workout — that doesn’t have a bunch of crazy moves. The more I read about what I should be doing at my age, the more I understand that it’s so important to build muscle. I love this article because it gives me hope. And the workout is doable. I’m printing it out and taking it to the gym.

(Very Well)

[ Wellness ]

I do this thing where I eat something savory for lunch, then I crave sugar. Then after having some sugar, I want something savory. Do you do the same? Here are 7 ways to stop craving sugar. Their explanation about why we crave sugar is an interesting take.

(Wellness Mama)

[ Wires ]

They had me at the tagline, "anyone can cook". Well, I will be their true test. But I tell you what, this app, Kitchen Stories, is the Swiss Army knife of cooking apps. They have healthy and delicious daily recipes with videos, how-to’s — like knife skills (how to cut a tomato) and everyday basics (how to cook a perfect fried egg) — and automated shopping lists.

(Kitchen Stories)

[ Wear ]

My dear friend and personal stylist Susie Wright (who you’ll be hearing more from in the very near future!) turned me to these two bloggers. They have now created their own YouTube channel and in this episode talk about a "style uniform" — their primary wardrobe pieces.

(A Style Album)

[ Women]

Bravo to CVS for taking a stand.


[ Want ]

We had a beautiful weekend here in Oregon — almost 65 degrees and sunny at the beach! It got me to thinking about Spring…and how I wantthese shoes…which are on sale…and they have them in my size. Is that a signal from the universe or what?!


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