Shaking things up on the Friday Five front. Instead of bringing you just products, we’re bringing you the whole enchilada — entire outfits, decorated rooms, faces full of make up and more — from all of our friends on Instagram.

We feel it is so much more inspiring to see things pulled together. To visualize ourselves in that outfit, in that space, with that shade of lipstick — when we see it as a whole. And our Instafriends do a much better job of pulling things together than we do. But we do know how to spot ’em!

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Happy Friday!

Who is it?@cstyleblog

Carly Lee, a stylist and style blogger who provides real and relatable style tips.

Why we love it? Many reasons. You can probably go into your closet right now and pull out these pieces.

Okay, maybe red sneakers aren’t in your closet. But they should be. They offer a pop of color to any outfit. And they still work even if you don’t look good in red because they aren’t close to your face or hair.

Overall, this is an outfit that will make you feel pulled together when you don’t feel like making a huge effort.

Who is it? @_stylish_age

Violet, a 50+ mother and model from Australia.

Why we love it? It’s so fresh, and it’s so stylish without being over-the-top.

You don’t necessarily have to do the flowy pants if they’re not for you. You can find a great-fitting pair of straight leg or bootleg pants — or even a skirt — and combine it with a lovely, bright and flowy blouse.

Oh, and those loafers! They are everywhere and can be worn all year around.

Who is it? @maison_abbot

Michelle, a 40+ fun-loving mom who loves fashion.

Why we love it? This dress makes an entrance, but looks so easy to wear. We love it with her boots. You can dress it up with a pair of pumps or wear it with booties.

Anyone can pull this off.

Who is it? @_notoverthehill_

40-something adrenaline junkie with a love for fashion.

Why we love it? First of all, she is so beautiful and fierce. We also love that her outfit is all black except for the white lettering on her shirt and the white stitching on her pants. They tie the outfit together.

Graphic tees are so in right now and they can really make a statement in more ways than one.

If culottes are your thing, find a pair of black pants or jeans with white stitching to get this look.

Who is it?@my40smyway Jackeline, mom of three teenage boys, preschool owner and fitness instructor.

Why we love it? Silver shoes are very hip right now and are so versatile: silver goes with EVERYTHING.

And we love white pants or jeans in the wintertime. Screw the "after Labor Day" rules, because there #arenorules.

J.Crew takes a casual approach to the boyfriend blazer. I like that it’s almost a mix of a blazer, a sweater and a car coat.


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