The W: Work it, Girlfriends

This week’s "The W" brings you a host of ideas to get your new year underway — decor for less, a pleasurable workout to get you on your feet, and a face mask that makes you look a little creepy in the process of getting beautiful. Plus, novel ways to get your news, how to really make a salad, goals to meet your goals, and an opportunity to help me pick out new PJs.


[ Walls ]

You know how I love decorating. I love to create my space and surround myself with the things I love. Copy Cat Chic is one of my favorite decorating blogs because she takes beautiful rooms and sources items to furnish them for less.

(Copy Cat Chic)

[ Workout ]

Who said workouts can’t be fun? No one, actually. So why make it so boring and tedious? Here’s a fun workout that will get your heart rate up and make you feel good inside and out.


[ Wellness ]

My daughter and I test drove this all-the-rage Korean mask. It definitely made a difference, but a little painful in the process. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

(Town & Country)

[ Wires ]

How do you get your news? I like to get mine delivered quickly and easily — short snippets that allow me to dig deeper if I want to know more. Here are six apps that do just that.


[ Wine/Dine ]

Do you know how to make a salad? I know, silly question. But do you really know? I don’t think I really do and that’s why I love this article.


[ Wise]

I have a goal to not to lose sight of my 2018 goals. That’s why I’m going to do this.


[ Want ]

I’m in desperate need of some new pajamas. What do you think ofthese?


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