The W: Off Like a Bride’s Nightie

Off like bride’s nightie" is a saying that has stuck with me since college. It wasn’t because of the saying itself, but of the source and delivery of when I first heard it.

Carved in my memory is my very prim-and-proper sorority sister, standing in front of me in her Lanz of Salzburg nightgown and pearls on her way up to the sleeping porch, "I’m off like a bride’s nightie," she said with a sly gleam in her eye and smirked lips. And she then flounced swiftly up the staircase.

It took me a few moments to wrap my head around the connotation. And when it finally sunk in, a broad smile formed and then a giggle in disbelief. “Did she just say that?”

Although a little naughty, I still use it to this day. And today, I’m using it because I’m leaving tomorrow for a trip of a lifetime. I pick m daughter up in just a few hours (yay!). And tomorrow, she, my husband and I are off to visit friends in the Philippines. We’re staying in Manila for several days at our friend’s mother’s home who, I just have come to find out, is the daughter of Manuel L. Quezon, the first president of the Philippines. Seriously, this is so far removed from the humble life I live. I’m a little blown away and very intimated. Needless to say, it should be interesting and I’ll be back in two weeks with a few stories to tell for sure..

So with that, I leave you with a healthy dose of links – ideas to ponder and items to make you smile.

[ Walls ]

Can’t say I love Courtney Love. But I LOVE her home. And I wish I had $11.25M in pocket change to buy it.

(Architectural Digest)

[ Wear ]

Want style ideas from all the "style influencers" on the interwebs? Take a look at Style Gawker. Pages and pages of inspiration. (StyleGawker)

[ Wellnessl ]

Learn how to power nap. In the next few weeks, you’re going to need it.

(Well + Good)

[ Wires ]

Have you seen the 27 new emojis? My favs are the dim sum, the hedgehog, and the curling stone (just in time for the Winter Olympics).


[ Wanderlust ]

Great packing advice for those of us who are "off like a bride’s nightie" for the holidays — or any time, really.


[ Wise]

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, take the gratitude challenge.


[ Want ]

I’m a sucker for nostalgia, especially during the holidays. Andthis mug setsuckered me right in.

(Pottery Barn)

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