The W: Dreams Come True

This week’s "The W" gives you permission to be a voyeur, a socially conscious way to shop, and ideas to "meal up." Plus, you’ll now know how to discover really good music, get to listen to a delightful story, be inspired to push your style, and get proof that little girl dreams do come true.


[ Walls ]

I love interior decorating. I’m also a voyeur. That’s why dwellinggawker can be a huge time suck for me.

[ Wear ]

You know that classic piece of clothing you splurged on, but justify the cost because you wear to death? Zady is an online shop that offers quality clothing that lasts a lifetime, and combats the ills of fast fashion: "disposable clothing" that end up in landfills.

[ Wherewithal ]

In the past, I found that meal prep kills two birds with one stone: it keeps me organized, and it keeps me eating healthy. Recently, I’ve fallen off the wagon. The Evergirl — one of my favorite blogs — offers meal prep ideas every week. And they are easy, healthy and delicious, which gives me hope to get back on track.

(The Everygirl)

[ Work ]

Let’s be honest here: work is work. While we may love our jobs, work does get tedious, stressful and/or monotonous. These are solid strategies to keep our chins up and noses to the grindstone.


[ Want ]

I want — and bought — these pants. They’re different for sure. I’m trying to give my style a nudge. They arrive tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes.


[ Wires ]

My husband and I love music — especially new takes on the golden oldies. For instance, over this past weekend, we discovered three very different versions of Easy Like Sunday Morning on Spotify. Don’t laugh. They are seriously good. You can listen to them here, here and here. And now I discovered this article that will help us find more music (i.e. waste more time).


[ Words ]

Now this is a great story. It’s about a man who took crime into his own hands in an unexpected way…and it led to a truly unexpected, wonderful consequence. It’s a short, 15-minute listen. And it’ll make your day.


[ Women ]

Shalane Flanagan proves that, through practice, tenacity, and patience, a little girl’s dream can come true.


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