The W: Goodbye, Sugar

Yes, I was MIA – once again – on Monday. I visited my daughter at college in Denver over the weekend and it threw me off – once again. I wanted to be entirely present. Good news is that she’s doing so well – emotionally and academically. She’s truly happy. And it was soothing to see her in her element. As any parent can attest, you’re only as happy as your kids. I left Denver with peace of mind and a new spring in my step.

I’m back in the saddle and here’s this week’s "The W."

[ Walls ]

Vintage rugs are back in vogue. Time to lose the geometric designs because old is again the new new. One of my go-to Instagram interior design starspicks her favorites.

(Greige Design)

[ Wear ]

Here’s a list of 12 items in your closet that you need to ditch…this weekend. I have several that makes the list. I’ll see you at Goodwill on Saturday.

(Apartment Therapy)

[ Wellness ]

Anyone want to join me in ridding our bodies of sugar before the holidays hit? Let’s say, "goodbye," to sugar until November 23. Here’s how to ease the effort.

(The Chalkboard Magazine)

[ Wires ]

Knock, knock. Amazon wants to deliver your package inside your home using this new technology.


[ Wanderlust ]

Last time I travelled abroad, I brought way too much stuff. Trudging through airports, train stations, and city streets was not pretty. My family laughed at me. I’ve learned my lesson well. All I need is a backpack and a rolling carry on.

(Travel Fashion Girl)

[ Wise ]

Do you ever feel like an imposter? Well, so do the rest of us, especially women. It’s actually a syndrome. This article digs deeper into why we feel this way, and why we shouldn’t feel this way.

(Thrive Global)

[ Women ]

Want to keep up with what the world’s most powerful women are doing? Check out The Broadsheet.




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