The W: The #MeToo Phenomenon

Shaking things up a little on the newsletter content front. The Wednesday newsletter, now officially known as “The W,” will bring you useful, quick-hit articles (for the most part) that catch my eye throughout the week while combing the interwebs. They are categorized by subject* – all starting with a “W” (I know, so clever, right?!) – including Walls (home and garden), Wear (fashion), Wellness (health and fitness), Wires (tech), Wise (inspiration), Words (books), and Women (er…women).

The highlighted article for today is about how #MeToo has flooded the social channels under the "Women" category.

*Subjects are subject to change on editor’s mood and whim.

[ Walls ]

New, modern uses for cross-stitch in décor. Yes, cross-stitch.

(Apartment Therapy)

[ Wear ]

Wondering how to incorporate the fall fashion trends into your everyday wardrobe? This article shows the runway version and provides attainable options to pull off the look.

(Lauren Conrad)

[ Wellness ]

The perfect healthy fall dinner salad with squash and figs. Add chicken or salmon for protein and you have a meal.

(Half Baked Harvest)

[ Wires ]

Good news for Gmail users: Google’s got your back when it comes to security.


[ Words ]

If you’re a fan of author Amy Tan like I am (Joy Luck Club, Kitchen God’s Wife), you’ll be thrilled to know she has written a memoir. Here’s an interview with Terry Gross on NPR. Intense.


[ Wise ]

Plan your happiness one week at a time.

(Career Girl Daily)

[ Women ]

If you’re a Facebook user, by now you’ve observed that “#MeToo” has flooded your feed. Here’s a story that observes how it’s scaled.

(The Atlantic)



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