Hurricanes, earthquakes, forest fires. What is going on in our world? Mother Nature is rearing her head. Some of you may say this is a little out there, but I think she’s trying to tell us something important. And we need to sit up and listen.

Sometimes we go thrashing through life without listening, and not fully realizing how it affects our surroundings, our love ones and ourselves.

So this newsletter is dedicated to listening. The articles below talk about why and how to really listen, and what happens when you do. I’m going to spend the next week practicing the art of listening and exploring the results. I hope you’ll join me.



What Happens When You Listen to Your Body?

I love this article. We tend to suppress pain, anxiety, tiredness, and other signals from our body. This article explains to us what happens if we give our body what it telling us it wants.

What Happens When You Listen to Others?

I love to talk.I come from a famil

y of talkers. And I admit, I’m not alway

s a good listener.This article outlines how


listen. I’m going to practice it and will share with you what happens.

What Happens When You Listen to Your Heart?

Here’s one woman’s experience about what happened when she literally and actively started listening to her heart.

“Your child’s life will be filled with fresh experiences. It’s good if yours is as well.”

― Dr. Margaret Rutherford

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Better Humans.For those who want to be inspired by others to be a better human.

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Shapr.For those who want to connect with inspiring people.

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COS.For those who want a sleek, modern look without breaking the bank.

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Merkato Signature Tote. For those who want a new fall bag that gives back to vulnerable young women and children in Ethiopia.

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Callyourgirlfriend.For those who want to hear some real girl talk.

And now back to you, Jane.

Interesting news and other things that caught our eye.

Today’s newsletter theme song.

Yesterday it was announced that Saudi women are now allowed to drive. But there are still things that they cannot do.

This man’s Playmobil traffic cone came back to bite him.

A story we can all drink to.

As a tennis enthusiast, I can’t wait to see this movie.



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