Once again, we’ve taken a hiatus from Becoming. This time for an event composed of a host of mixed emotions. My husband and I took a few weeks to drive our daughter to Denver for college. We successfully tucked her into her new nest. Left her behind.

And life will never be the same.

I’m officially an empty nester. There’s a push and pull of thoughts and feelings. I’m incredibly excited for her. She’s now almost three weeks in. She’s fully embracing it and absolutely loves it. She’s flying. What more could a parent hope for? But selfishly, I have a hole in my heart and a pit in my stomach.

I want to go back to what was. Do it all over again. This time so much better. But I know that’s not a possibility.

I want to still protect her and coddle her and shield her from hurt and disappointment. But I know that – to a certain extent – it is now out of my hands.

I’m so eager for my new chapter to fully kick in, but I feel stuck. Not sure which way to turn.

So, in true Jennifer spirit, I researched what the heck to do, and I share it with you below.

Most of it doesn’t apply just to empty nesters, but anyone feeling the blues, feeling out of control, or feeling stuck (or all of the above).



Move Forward

This article pegs it.It confirms, validates and addresses all of my feelings right now, and offers great advice – much of which pertains to a variety of situations at our age, not just empty nest syndrome. Number two on the advice list I made the mistake of not following. Ugh. Worst day so far. But I’ll definitely heed number three.

Let it Be

Like I said above, I feel stuck. This often happens to all of us when we go through a transition or are thrown for a loop. Tiny Buddha tells usthat sometimes to get unstuck, we just need to let it be.

Have a Morning Mantra

I stumbled across this yesterday and it fully resonated with me. First of all, I love this guy’s warm smile. Secondly, I love that he uses the word “becoming” in his talk. As I mentioned in a past newsletter, “we become what we pay attention to.” Put the word out in your morning mantra for what you’d like to become.

“Your child’s life will be filled with fresh experiences. It’s good if yours is as well.”

― Dr. Margaret Rutherford

Of the Day.

We promised to keep you relevant. Promise fulfilled.

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And now back to you, Jane.

Interesting news and other things that caught our eye.

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Hey, when you gotta to, you gotta go. But this is gross.



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