Our society is so bent on anti-aging. Products and procedures every which way we turn. And I get it. It’s often shocking to get a glimpse of my reflection. And while I haven’t (yet) gone the Botox route, I’ve been very, very tempted. Especially when society is telling me I shouldn’t show my age.

But most of us I think will agree – at our age we got a thing going on. Our “thing” IS our “age” and all the rewarding qualities that only come with it. Qualities that trump pretty much everything else. And we need to wear these well-earned badges loud and proud, not work against them.

All that said, I’m now going to contradict myself…

We must admit that there’s some degree of vanity in all of us. It’s human nature. I suspect most of us want to look good and feel good, right? And when we look good and feel good, it puts a spring in our step and more confidence in our pockets. And when we feel good, our “thing” may shine brighter.

This issue is dedicated to face and body. Whether you’ve gone this route, you’re adamantly against it, or you’re curious and on the fence like I am, there’s no judgment.



About Face

Full disclosure, I love Hoda and Kathie Lee. Remember, no judgment! Yesterday the show was dedicated to non-invasive cosmetic procedures. I found it very informative.

The Skinny on Fat

Here’s the scoop on what fat reduction procedure is the best route to take given your situation. And it’s from a knowledgeable resource.

The Nose Knows

An article in The Atlantic about the history of nose jobs that I found quite interesting.

“Me and Mrs. Jones / We got a thing goin’on / We both know that it’s wrong /

But it’s much too strong / To let it go now”

– Billy Paul

And now back to you, Jane.

Interesting news and other things that caught our eye.

Our theme song on Soul Train.

Happy 10th Birthday, #hashtag!

The Thrillist ranks every Netflix original series. Hint: start from the end of the list.

Cheetos-inspired restaurant pops up in NYC. Yum or ick?

Get this bling so you can livestream your life hands free.



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