I live just north of the “path of totality.” I’m publishing this today, because tomorrow morning we’ll be busy donning our eclipse glasses and waiting for darkness to fall. We’ve got our eclipse play listqueued up for 9:30 a.m. – it promises that each song will align with the events taking place.

An estimated 1 million people have travelled to Oregon over the weekend to experience this 2-minute event (or less – depending on where you are). It’s put tiny towns, like Madras and Prineville, on the map. Traffic jams and gas shortages already started last week. We did a big shop at the grocery store and the refrigerator is stocked – just in case.

But I have this nagging feeling that, with all eclipse hype, what if the scientists are wrong. What if they missed a digit or used a wrong symbol in the calculation somewhere along the line? Hype would turn to hysteria for sure.

The “Path of Totality.” I love that new term we’ve learned in all this. And I can’t help to apply it to our stage in life. We are in a path of totality. We’ve amassed gifts of resilience, flexibility and perspective through both the light and darkness we’ve endured in our lives.

We are still becoming.

Let’s continue down the path of totality – the path to completeness, wholeness and fullness. Below is some inspiration.



Find Your Balance

My sister, Elizabeth, turned me on to this article in Harvard Business Reviewabout resilience. And from what she’s endured over the past several years, she knows a thing or two about balancing emotions and strength. She’s as tough as nails – and it’s because she takes time to recover from stressful situations. This article tells you how to do the same.

Be Flexible

Just like the possibility of the eclipse calculation being off, some things don’t happen as planned, and life leads us down a path we didn’t intend to go. Sometimes in good ways. This is the case for Kara Goldin, CEO of Hint Water (one of my favorite sips), and how she became an “Accidental Entrepreneur” (Darling Magazine) by trying to solve a problem. She also offers up sage advice and inspiration on Instagram and Twitter. To quote Kara, “Let all the naysayers energize you.”

Gain New Perspectives

It’s so simple, yet difficult. By making these 9 decisions at the right time will change how you think, act and grow. This is one of those articles that you want to refer back to time and time again.

“Into the dark of the sun / Will you save me a place /

Give me hope, give me comfort / Get me to a better place.”

– Tom Petty, The Dark of the Sun

And now back to you, Jane.

Interesting news and other things that caught our eye.

Professional cuddling really is a thing.

The best time to make financial decisions is when you have to pee.

I love this love story. It just goes to show you that finding love can happen at any age.

Iconic street stylefrom London in the 50s and 60s.

Pizza as a superfood? No thanks. It sounds like the fat-free potato chips. And that didn’t go so well.



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