I often find myself in a conundrum when it comes to style. I need a lot of direction in this department. I’m a follower – literally and figuratively. To get inspired before I go shopping, I often turn to these style Instagrammers for some direction:

Minimalissmo is hands down my fav. She has a classic, sensible look with a twist. It’s a look that any body type or any age can pull off. And it’s easy to replicate some of her outfits without busting your budget.

Susie.Wright is my sorority sister (yes, she’s my age) and she was darling way back then and hasn’t changed a bit. She grew up around great style. Her British parents owned a clothing store in a small town outside of Portland. She’s worked at Nordstrom as a stylist as long as I can remember. Her style is impeccable.

Over40Style is by stylist Thea Wood. Not only is she lovely, she’s very real. You’ll find that she’ll re-wear pieces, paired with another look. Love the message that we can mix-and-match what we already own – it just takes a little imagination and a nudge from her insta account.

Speaking of nudges, StyleNudge, by Cherie James, proves to women of our age that there are no limits. She can rock a pair of stilettos and ripped jeans like nobody’s business…and reminds us that we can too.


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