For the majority of us, we think it’s safe to say that social media has become a way of life. We use to pick up the newspaper and read our favorite sections while we drank our morning coffee. Now many of us head to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. But in the case of social media, we interact (hence, social). And as in any social situations, we need to use our golden rules.

Susan is a social media goddess. That girl knows how to post and interact like nobody’s business. Maybe that’s why she’s reached the friend limit (5K) on Facebook and was included on Fortune’s list of “55 Most Influential Women on Twitter.” You think? Given her status, we stole some pages from her book about social media etiquette. The way she sees it is: when you’re on social media, pretend like you’re at a cocktail party. People are watching and listening. You try to engage others in lively conversations based on interesting topics. You are gracious. You listen. And you don’t criticize or argue. It’s that simple.

Want to know more? Here’s some content we selected to give you some pause before you jump on your social media today:

A high-level guide to social media do’s and don’t’s.

A thoughtful checklistto consider before you post.

For goodness sakes, please don’t let us ever be on this list.


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