And just like that, your chicks have grown up and flown the coop. The march leading up to this day has been long and drawn out. But the transition from one chapter to the next seems to happen overnight.

Now you’re faced with the decision about where and how to feather your empty nest, which takes time and planning. There are so many possibilities and options — a great feeling of flexibility and freedom. Some choose to stay in their existing home, where the kids (and grandkids) can come back to roost for holidays and vacations. Some may decide to ditch their existing digs and downsize to a smaller abode, possibly in a new locale. Or, some could throw complete caution to the wind, sell everything and hit the road.


Perhaps you’re part of a growing population of empty nesters looking to stay put and deepen the roots laid many years ago. But don’t forget that your home is aging along with you and could need a little TLC. Plus, Junior’s old bedroom may need a serious cleanse. Good news: there is plenty of design advice readily available. If you’re looking for design inspiration check out Houzz or Pinterest. You’ll become addicted if you’re not already. Or leave it to a professional. Interior designers can add value by redesigning your home to meet the needs of your, well, new normal.

Here are a couple links to start your creative juices flowing:

10 Best Empty Nest Room Ideas from Designers to Make Your Space Feel Fresh(Elle Decor)

Downsize in Style

Adding More Twigs to Your Digs

Scaling back’s not for you? You’re not alone. Upsizing is currently on-trend with baby boomers looking to super-size-it hoping the kids will eventually circle back to the nest. Carolyn’s currently working with an architect to create a plan to expand her home. We think she’s (secretly) trying to lure her daughter back to Portland and keep the other two close by. Houzz shows us how other empty nesters are upsizing their digs.

A Family Home for Empty Nesters

Itch to Ditch

This is the option Jennifer chose. In a few short weeks her home of 17 years will be in the hands of new owners. While she’s ready to embark on her newly downsized life at the Oregon Coast, it’s feeling a little bittersweet to leave the home where she raised her daughter, but she’s ready to shake things up. If she were to take it a few steps further, she’d definitely consider Rv’ing, which is a huge trend for those who have the itch to completely ditch life as they’ve known it.

Empty Nest Antidote: A Full Life

Luxury Loving Baby Boomers are Driving an RV Revival


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