Have we ever told you about how much we love NYC? Well, you’re about to get an earful. We consider ourselves tourists, business travelers and residents of ‘The City.’ And no matter how much time we spend there, we can never get enough of the vibe and energy this town exudes.

Susan is our resident New Yorker, living there for more than 12 years. She has a condo in Brooklyn Heights with a coveted rooftop deck and a killer view of Lady Liberty. Many parties have been hosted here and there’s no better place to sip a cup of morning coffee. She’s a mover and shaker. She’s known in the corporate social responsibilitycircles as a serial connector. Outside of work she truly knows everyone and their dog (and there are a lot of dogs in Brooklyn). She owns this city like it’s been in her blood her entire life. But, you’ll often find her traveling to some exotic location for fun or to a speaking engagement. As we write this article, Susan is on an exciting adventure in Peru, only a few days after returning from Deer Valley where she received an award. Flew home, re-packed her bags, kissed her pooch and off she went.

Carolyn’s lust for New York City began when she was a student interning at

Town and Country Magazine.

If her parents didn’t insist she return to finish her education, she would’ve stayed, sent for her belongings and figured it out. Twelve years later, she returned (well, Darien CT, but close enough, right?) with her husband and young family. The move was precipitated by her husband’s career as a sports marketing executive based out of Manhattan. Raising a young family kept her busy during her stint in suburban CT and she made frequent trips to the city that she considered “therapeutic.”

Carolyn likes to plan yearly trips to NYC around the US Open. An avid tennis fan, of course, but she also loves scanning the crowd of 23,000 spectators for the iconic, Anna Wintour. "Those sunglasses and that hair, I spot her every time.” Now, Carolyn’s millennial daughter lives in Midtown and is her lifeline to this great city.

Jennifer hit the trifecta of NYC experiences. She traveled there countless times for business and as a tourist, and also lived there for two summers with her teenage daughter. The first summer, in 2014, when she celebrated being 50 by living her dream in a brownstone on 88th and Central Park West. She worked from her apartment while her daughter, who was 15 at the time, took the subway to the Flatiron District to her intern job at Velocidi, and then would go to Brooklyn to nanny for Naama Bloom, the creative genius behind HelloFlo and it’s hysterical viral videos. Jennifer and her daughter lived in NYC once again, this time in Brooklyn, in the summer of 2016 while her daughter attended Girls Who Code. Jennifer feels such a connection to the city that she seriously thinks she was an Italian mafia wife in a past life. You can also read

and listento her story about her brush with NYC greatness.

Okay, so all that said, we think we’ve fully proved we’d marry this city if we could. And when we can’t be there to physically give it a hug, we are often there virtually – through blogs, books, magazines and more – so we can still feel close to it and hear it breath.

If you share our fascination, here’s our list of resources and entertainment that will quench your thirst.

On our reading list: The Women Who Made New York by Julie Scelfo, former staff writer and contributor to The New York Times, and Susan’s friend (of course! Probably knows her dog too if she has one). While men have been lauded for centuries about their contributions to New York, Scelfo’s book focuses on the women. It “describes the long history of female trailblazers, artists and activists who not only made New York City the cultural epicenter of the world but shaped many of the ideas and social justice movements that fuel American society today.” Just ordered our copy today.

To help us feel like part of the city at all times, we subscribe to DNAinfoalerts, a neighborhood news source that keeps us abreast of what’s going on in the entire city or specific boroughs – from store and restaurant openings and closings, human interest stories, events, crime and more.

We check our mailbox (the old school kind) for our printed copy of NY Magazine, immediately turn to the Approval Matrix to see if we’ve made it anywhere near the Highbrow/Brilliant quadrant (as Susan’s sister, Nancy Spector, once has). Nothing there on us yet. Maybe some day.

We follow @overheardnewyork on Instagram for snippets of hilarious conversations. Hopefully we’ll never see something we said on there. One of our favorites that is so New York – heard on the N train: “I wanna hang out with Jason. Do you think he’ll come to Astoria?” Response: “He lives on the Upper East Side. Definitely not, he’ll go to Bali but won’t come to queens.”


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